Sunday 14 October 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018

Happy birthday Steve!!

He seems to like what me an' the pup got him... found humour in it instead of being offended thankfully!

Happy birthday again Steve!

Taken me 3 supplements with only 4 mouthfuls of squash this morning, which is a relief 'cos there were only 5 mouthfuls left in the bottle!

The intense virus scan finished at 1am and there were no viruses or malware found so I've backed everything up now and I'm about to take the pup for her morning stroll with me.

That's the 2 recycling boxes and rubbish bag out for another week... only a mini argument today... we're getting better at this!  💑😆

It's hosing it down out there so I'm gonna wait until it hopefully eases up a bit before I take the pup out for her walk.

That's the puppy walked... we were both reluctant to do the 100% but it's done with for the day now!


Just had a meat-less and gravy-less Sunday lunch from the cafe again.

Today is the second one we've had from them and we'll definitely be going again and again!

Maybe not every week, but as an occassional treat it's the best!

Loadsa veggies and "half a cow" according to Steve this week!  For under £15 we got 2 mains and a pud for Steve which is a lot healthier and yummier and cheaper than the take aways we seem to have most days!

Definitely another five star review from us again!  Would be perfect if there was a vegetarian protein, but maybe there just aren't many vegetarians around here?

That's the pup's poo cleared up from the back yard and disposed of now, so we've just gotta bring everything back in when it's been collected tomorrow then that's it for another week!


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