Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Today's (18th May 2022) lunch photo

Another simple lunch today of potato croquettes and a blob of tomato ketchup.  Nowt wrong with simple meals!  Tomorrow is instant soup because of Steve's medical appointment just before his GP surgery closes for the day and him getting travel sick, but Friday is onion rings and veggie hoops so we'll have the oven as well as the hob going then, for the first time since we got it!

I'm hoping I'll be allowed to make a couple of the simpler meals next week 'cos Steve'll hopefully be used to the cooker's personality by then.  We're even gonna be able to have Pasta Bake later on in the week too which I'm really looking forward to... that'll have to be a meal made by Steve though 'cos it would just be too heavy to lift, then add the heat too, it just wouldn't be safe for me to do.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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