Friday 13 December 2019

Friday 13th December 2019 - part 1

Mornin' all.

Already achieved a lot this morning and it's barely light out there yet❗

I've had a shower, washed my hair and taken my morning pills already.  All set for taking the puppy out for our stroll then we'll go to see my in-laws and pick up my prescription on the way then we'll come home and recover.  Hoping for at least 3,000 steps in Fitbit today.

The puppy walked me an extra length today then came home, had her breakfast then immediately went out for a poo💩❗  Such a good girl❗  Might just be wishful thinking, but does she understand how hard I find it to pick up her poo on our walks, so she held on until we got home today to help and support me❓  She went out into the back yard literally 5 minutes after we got home is all❗

Gonna shut down ready for going over to the in-laws to get me hair cut now.  Gonna publish this and put up part 2 tonight, same as normal.

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