Monday 9 December 2019

Monday 9th December 2019

Mornin' all❗  How are you all doing❓  Hope you're OK❓❗

Not going to log my active minutes or exercise this week so that I can see how long it takes for Fitbit to fix the problem this time... if it's anything like the last time, it'll be at least a week❗

Gonna take the puppy out for her stroll as soon as it gets light enough out there.  Dunno what I'm gonna do today, 'cos I've planned out my next novel, I've finished reading the book and my to-do list is completely empty.  We've got our groceries being delivered this evening and the only substitution was the roast tatties - Steve ordered Sainsbury's own brand but they are out of stock so we are getting Aunt Bessie's instead.  Steve reckons there's a Quorn roast and possibly frozen veggies in the big freezer so we'll be having a roast dinner soon, hopefully❗

It's just started to lighten up, so I'm gonna take the puppy out for our marathon stroll this morning.  It's only once a week but it sets us both up for the day then.  It's double the length of the rest of the week but it gets our bodies ready and awake.

Hope the Fitbit app works today❗


Was approached by our neighbour's wife on the puppy's walk this morning so my anxiety went straight through the roof.  She was pleasant enough and thanked me for getting our yard sorted out, which totally caught me off-guard.  The puppy got up on to her back legs and started dancing around so she got her head stroked.  Her husband drove down the road but stayed in his car until his wife was presant, then got his grandchildren out of the car without a word being said to me.  I was incredibly anxious the whole time they were both out there, but if we stay out of each others ways from now on then I won't take it any further.

The Fitbit app is semi-working now... it recorded my active minutes before I even sat down, but the exercise part isn't recorded yet.  That's OK though, it's the steps then the active minutes then the exercise then the sleep that I'm most interested in.  The food and drink logging is an added bonus.

I was wrong up there 🠝🠝 - the exercise has just logged by itself, so it seems that it was still working, just being particularly slow over the weekend and I need to be more patient 🤣

I've decided, now that our back yard is totally clear, that I'm gonna walk around it without my quad cane or any other sort of support to increase my confidence about clearing up the puppy's poo on a Sunday.  We've got a long handled pooper scooper that I've been using for years on end but now that I haven't got anything to lean against if my legs go wobbly on me, I want to increase my confidence a bit, like I did with the slopey bit and kerbs a few weeks back.  It won't be easy, but I need to do it to increase my confidence as much as anything.

That's the Calcium crunched up and swallowed, so that's it until bedtime now.

Crisps and mince pies for lunch today, so I'd best add it to the Fitbit before I forget❗

I've added the crisps, gonna wait to add the mince pies until I have 'em.

Just had a local hospice at the door.  Felt sooo guilty that I couldn't help them!

Just advertised Steve's site to one of my friends on Fitbit.  They don't know anyone who wants a site right now, but hopefully they will mention it to people in passing... it's all been word of mouth so far and I'm pretty sure that this particular friend is in America, so hopefully Steve'll get some international work too 👍 😀  He needs to start making a profit though, instead of just covering his costs for the domain names and hostings for each site he makes  😉

Just taken a video of the puppy and put it up on my homepage if you wanna have a peek❓

The shopping has been and gone, so time for me last 3 pills of the day then I can head to bed.  Apparently the deliverer took the boxes through to the kitchen for Marie and Steve tonight which is totally awesome and because Steve's doughnuts have best before date of today, we got a refund of the price of them, which is even better❗

Gonna take me pills now then head to bed for an early night, so I'll say nite nite orl now.  Sea ewe in the morning❗

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