Thursday 5 December 2019

Thursday 5th December 2019

Morning all.

I remembered while I was in bed last night that I was pondering on investing in a pill box so that I can be 100% sure that I've taken all 10 of my daily pills every day, 'cos right now I never seem to remember if I have or haven't taken them and I don't fancy accidentally overdosing on any of them again, like I did with the Folic Acid a few weeks back.

I'm pondering on getting this one as long as they are big enough for all of my 6 morning pills.  I've asked if they are, so we shall see what the replies say... just gotta be patient 🤣

The back yard is gonna be cleared out this morning so our neighbour will be happy with that with any luck.  He'll have to find something else to complain about 🙄

I'm gonna take a photo of the yard when it's all done and dusted and email it on to the police so that they can add it to the evidence they are collecting.  Might check with the policeman in charge of the case that he doesn't need to take the photo first though... hmmm.

They've just taken the barbeque and two of the toilets - they've only been here for five minutes 🤣

And the cisterns... they are machines❗ 🤣

That's the butterfly bush that I chopped up being taken out now - they are so totally awesome❗❗

Bags of twigs that fell off the butterfly bush and from the plant that we put in more than 20 years ago...

More butterfly bush 🤣

They'll be done and dusted in a couple of hours at this rate❗  So worth the money though.  Gonna invest in a hard bristled broom as well as a children's paddling pool (for Mitzi to use in hot weather) then that's it.  No more plants.  Gonna try and remember to ask how much it would cost to come out a few times a year to cut back the rose bush and the butterfly bush if they leave them planted.  Either way is fine by us, we just want to get the yard cleared out completely first off and we'll take it from there.

They've been and gone and our back yard is double the size it was this morning 🤣  They've totally removed the butterfly bush and rose bush but left a few pots for us in case we need them in future.  We've still got our table and chairs and a rake but that really is it❗  Perfik, just what we wanted and it means that Mitzi has a lot more room to poo 💩 in now... I'll be able to safely practise walking without the aid of a wall too❗

They are getting a five star rating from me❗  Can't recommend them highly enough❗

Feel like I've achieved so much in the last couple of hours - mostly that I've found the JanNo novel I was sure I'd started planning out and finished planning the last fifteen chapters too.  On top of that, the software that I asked Steve to create for me isn't writing related, so it's far from urgent, I just wanna get the two webpages sorted by the end of the year now so that we can start 2020 with a clean slate.

The door is gonna be busy tomorrow 🤣  Steve's got a box of lightbulbs and "a huge bag of Skittles" being delivered and I've got a pill organiser so that I don't forget which pills I've taken and which I haven't and also a huge, warm pet blanket for Mitzi-moo for Yule.  That really is it now though - no more spending on things until after Christmas❗ 🤣

Just for the record:

'tis the season for Jesus' birth being shoved down everyone's throats when that up there ⮙⮙⮙ is the actual, ancient (as opposed to just over 2000 years) reason that Christians stole and claimed credit for... the religion version of hotlinking if you will.


 My evening pills are starting to kick in, so I'm gonna publish this then head to bed.  Nite nite orl❗  💤

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