Saturday 7 December 2019

Saturday 7th December 2019

Mornin' all.

Had a very late morning this morning... I'm usually downstairs and the puppy walked and fed by 8am but I was still in bed at pretty much 9am and we didn't go for our stroll until 9.15am and I've only just taken my morning pills at 9.30am❗  Fitbit says I was asleep for well over 10 hours and restless 14 times and I do feel a lot more awake and upbeat now, so maybe my body just needed a bit more sleep❓

Taken me morning pills and I reckon that I'll just put my supplements into the pill box that was delivered yesterday 'cos I couldn't tell which pill was which (except for the Folic Acid) and my stomach is getting confused at the order and making me feel sick, so I'll keep my prescriptions separate from the supplements starting tomorrow, 'cos it doesn't seem to matter which order I take them in.

That's the supplements sorted until Wednesday now.  Need to open my new bottles of Iron and B12 after that though.  Means that I've been taking both for a year as of Wednesday and I've really noticed the difference, especially with the B12❗

Just wanna check that I really have got the new bottles of Iron and B12... BRB❗

Got 3 bottles of Iron and a vitamin B complex with 360 tablets in it.  The ingredients didn't say it had dairy in it, so keep yer fingers crossed for me that they isn't and my body can cope with it OK.

Been reading a book all afternoon so have completely forgotten to update this blog... it's a great book and it's a lot more pleasant than I was dreading, so look out for the review of it on my reviews page in February when it's released!

Shutting down and heading to bed now though.

Nite nite orl❗

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