Sunday 22 December 2019

Sunday 22nd December 2019

Mornin' all.

I'm sooo thirsty this morning❗  Already drunk most of a litre of pop and I haven't even taken my pills yet❗  Gonna take my pills then walk the puppy.

OK, pills taken.  Only got 1 more Folic Acid to take daily, then it's 3 times a week, so I'll be even more grateful for my pill pot then❗  I've already drunk over a litre this morning so I reckon I'll hit the magic 2 litre mark by lunchtime and maybe 3 litres by the time I head to bed.

It's starting to get light outside, so I'm gonna take the puppy out now.

That's so annoying❗  I've lost loads of comments I'd put in here just by rebooting my laptop and I can't remember what any of them were about now❗  Not happy at all❗

Ho hum 👎.

That's our lunch cooked (thank you Steve) and eaten, Calcium taken, pill box sorted ready for next week and the shopping has been and gone already... half an hour early❗  I can have an early night now - Steve was going to cook after the shopping, but that would have laid really heavily so we had it before it came and there was only maybe 10 or 15 minutes between finishing our lunch and the shopping coming, so I can let me lunch go down before I head to bed now.

Marie's just arrived and is helping to put the shopping away... thank you so much, Marie❗

I've just worked out that by next Sunday (a week today), Steve will have seen his family more in 14 days than I've seen mine since 2009 (not a typo, I really do mean that he'll have seen his family more in two weeks than I've seen mine in a decade).  He's seen his sister twice this week, his dad once, and he'll be seeing his whole family on Wednesday and possibly Thursday, which is 5 times in 10 days and I've seen my mum twice in 2009, at my fathers funeral in 2010 and one quick visit after that.  He sees his family more in December 2019 than I've seen mine since the start of 2008 yet he promised we'd go back and see them regularly when I agreed to move in with him... dunno about you, but I don't call that regular visits, do you❓

I haven't spent Christmas Day with my family for well over 2 decades either, yet Steve's spent every one with his.  Hardly fair on me, is it❓

Apparently the puppy isn't coming with us on Christmas Day after all, so I'm not sure I want to go either now, but I bet Steve'll pressure me into it though... same as always.

Steve's dad is gonna bring me back to feed the puppy, let her out and to take my Calcium for 10 minutes after lunch, so I'm feeling slightly more willing to go now.

Gonna head to bed now 'cos I'm wiped out.  See you all in the morning.

Nite nite orl❗ 💤

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