Friday 27 December 2019

Friday 27th December 2019

Morning all.

Good job I put the reminder in my phone about putting last night's photo's on my homepage, 'cos I'd totally forgotten❗  PSP is behaving itself this morning, so I'll take the puppy out for our stroll then get them coded and uploaded.

Woke up really late this morning, so it's already fully light out there 🤣

The puppy walked me extra again today so we're already over target and only missed one walk this week, so I've only got one more day of exercise with the puppy for Fitbit to track, so I'll be over that by Sunday too.  We walked for 23 minutes this morning too, which is just over double yesterday so I'm guessing I did a lot of side-steps yesterday, which the Fitbit doesn't count as a step for some reason.  That's OK though, it encouraged me to walk without holding on to the house walls on our way back each time today, which I did 7 of the 14 lengths, so that's awesome.

Time for all my morning pills now.

My new OAB pills turned up in the middle of my pill-taking and the remaining 5 were a nightmare to get down after that.

We've also been invited for lunch with Steve's family again on New Year's Day, so we'll be seeing them 3 times (4 times if you include Steve's medical appointment on Monday) in 7 days which is more than I've seen my mum since the Summer of 2010, so that's hardly fair is it❓

Gotta remember to make an appointment to see the doc about my new OAB prescription.  I'm hoping for the next dose up but hopefully that'll be it then... keep your fingers crossed 🤞 for me❗

Just taken the Calcium and I'm gonna jump in the bath when I've finished my coffee.

Pretty much finished the coffee now, so gonna go and jump in the bath ready for tomorrow.  BBS.

Back now and it's official - I'm the next clothes size down.  I'm wearing size 14 jeans for the first time since I was in hospital, putting on a lot of weight (I was size 6 when I went in) and not exercising at all.  It's taken 17 years but I've only got 2 more clothes sizes to drop to be a healthy clothes size for my height.  Walking the puppy every day and, more recently, having the Fitbit are the major reasons I've dropped a clothes size and I'm sooo proud of myself right now❗

Need to use my mum's Yule gift to get some more bra's and size 14 trousers now.  I'll save Chris' voucher for the external hard drive as that's not as urgent as the new clothes 🤣

Got a bra, pair of trousers and a new case for my phone in the basket but can't buy them until tomorrow otherwise I'd miss the delivery, so I'll try and remember to buy them when I wake up in the morning, while I'm waiting for it to get light enough to walk the puppy.  Gonna head to bed now though... nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning❗

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