Friday 6 December 2019

Friday 6th December 2019

Mornin' all.

Had an issue getting my laptop 💻 to work this morning after updating my Microsoft account yesterday, so had to do another system restore then take the puppy out for her stroll.

It's already almost 11am so I'm reeeeeally late with my pills this morning, so I'm not gonna take the Calcium today.  Taking my morning pills now though, hold on❗

OK, morning pills are now down the hatch.  That's it until this evening now.

Police have just been and explained why our neighbour behaves like he does with me and basically he can't control his mouth or his staring because of a medical issue and I can't remember exactly what happens, so if we have a problem with each other again, I've got to ask for his wife to be there and/or Steve to be there so that we can sort things out more civilly without getting the police out again.  I understand why he does it and they understand where I'm coming from too now, so hopefully we can just either ignore each other or say good morning to each other and leave it at that.

I'm happy with that and hopefully they are too, so as long as they ignore me, I'll ignore them.  Simples.

Butternut squash zoop (made by Steve's mum) for lunch today 🤤

Got some photo's of the puppy dog to put up... hold on while I do that now.

Gonna take me pills and head to bed for a very early night for a change.  Back again tomorrow... nite nite orl❗

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