Wednesday 25 December 2019

Wednesday 25th December 2019

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it❗

Had another good day with me pills and Steve liked his gifts from me and Mitzi.  The puppy dog behaved so much on her walk that I'm hoping that means today will go well too... starting off well so far❗  I even did 5 times without leaning on the house walls while I was out with the puppy too... I haven't been able to do that for years, so I'm hoping that's another sign from Gaia or the Green Man that today is gonna go OK for us❗

Gonna be a short blog post today 'cos I'm guessing, based on previous years, that we'll be with Steve's family for most of the day until the early evening - same as always.

Shutting down now 🕘 'cos apparently we'll be going "within the next half an hour or so" and from what Steve put on his Word document on his phone, we'll be staying for tea too.  The puppy hasn't been out for a poo yet, which means she will either do it in here or be desperate when I come back to let her out at lunchtime  😔

Got home at just gone 2pm 🕑, was greeted by the puppy 🐶, fed her let her out the back for a sniff around, turned my laptop 💻 on and went for a wee while it was booting up and the puppy went for a poo 💩 and got the second half of her carrot 🥕 as a reward as soon as I came back in here.

Took loads of photo's 📷 of the puppy dog and put them on my site but it's taken the best part of 3 hours for blogger to decide to work so I'm only just (5pm🕔) able to update you all❗

I've worked out that, so far today alone, Steve has spent the same amount of time with his family as I have done since the end of June 2010 with my mum till now (i.e. 9½ years) and by the end of December he will have exceeded the amount of time between seeing his family in ONE MONTH as I've seen my mum in exactly a decade.  The only reason I agreed to move in with him was 'cos he hand on heart promised me that we'd go back and see my family regularly.  I don't call literally a decade between visits regularly at all❗

Taken me pills and I've started yawning, so I'm off to beddy-byes 🛌.

See you all in the morning.  Night night❗

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