Saturday 6 June 2020

Book Review: The Big Game by Bethany James

⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Such a weird book... the first poem lasts for 3 pages, then there are four poems with less than four lines each and now we've got a recipe!  The recipe is supposed to be making you feel romantic, yet you're expected to wait for it to set for 3 hours... the romance would have built up then died by the time you'd waited for that!  Unfortunately that's the first star gone.

And another recipe... hope this one is better than the first one!  Nope, this one is buged in the fridge for an hour before being cooked for an hour... the romance will definitely have died again while waiting for this recipe to be ready.  I'm feeling generous right now, so not knocking off another star yet, but I will be if there are any other hour-long baking sessions!

The next poem is better than the first few, but very religiously Christian which ain't for me unfortunately.  I don't deny that there are a lot of Christians are romantics, but there are oneheckuva lot more of other or no religion that might very well be turned off with Christianity shoved down their throat like this.

The next poem starts off brilliantly until it starts going on about Christianity again.  I'm liking this book less and less with each page I read unfortunately.

The next two poems are good too... the author has valliantly pulled back from the edge of me knocking off another star lol

Aww the "Surprise Me" poem is the best one so far!  WTG the author!

What started out with romance is now about fighting and breaking up with your partner... this book seems to be more about relationships between a Christian couple, rather than a collection of romance poems for everyone.  If things don't become more positive very fast then I'm knocking off a second star... sorry.

I hope the author has permission to use the Grinch character in this book, or they could be getting themselves into serious trouble!

The author is now saying to look for the thorns in a rose rather than the beauty of the petals - that's about as far from romantic as you can get!  That's the second star lost... I hope I don't have to knock off any more before the end of the book!

And now we're back to the first sparks of romance in a relationship... the second relationship in two thirds of the book - hardly what I would call romantic... if you gave this book to your partner as a romantic gesture they would prolly feel like you cared about them, then wanted to split up with them, then you saw them as a thorn and now you're looking for a new, different relationship!  Not good... not good at all.

Now the author is putting things from bloggers into the book... I hope they've got written permission from the copyright holders or the author may get into even deeper trouble!

I started off in such a positive mood and really wanted to award the full five stars to this book, but I'm left feeling very disappointed unfortunately.  Sorry.

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