Monday 1 June 2020

Monday 1st June 2020

Morning all.

It's a Monday and the start of a new month, so I've gotta take the puppy for a marathon walk, sort out the FitBit spreadsheet then move the photos of the puppy dog over to her 2020 page and it's not even 8am yet❗

That's the puppy walked and fed and we are both totally wiped out now.  Good job we won't be moving further than the downstairs of the house until later this afternoon❗  Time to sort out my webpages before the rubbish and recycling are picked up.

That's the recycling sorted so I can concentrate on sorting my site now... Fitbit first I reckon, then the photos on the first page.

That's my site sorted and the rubbish collecterer is just being reversed down the street, so I'll go out and bring our rubbish bag back in when it's been emptied.

Our prescriptions have just been delivered so I've brought the rubbish sack in at the same time and Steve's gotta go for his medical appointment now.  Not quite 11am 🕚 and I've already done more since I woke up and came down than I usually do all day❗ 🤣

Hoping for another 10,000 steps today... that's my new Monday target and 7,000 a day during the rest of the week - never thought I'd achieve that back in October 2019❗

That's my morning pills taken.  Gotta remember to phone the pharmacy at some point today to find out when I'll be getting my new box of FA.  I won't need it for a while, but I've already paid for it, so I want to get what I've paid for❗

Might do that now, while I remember aksherly...

That's a relief then... my GP surgery hasn't prescribed the second request of the FA, so I'm back on track again now... got 5 weeks worth of me two AP's 4 weeks of the Betmiga and 6 weeks worth of the FA, so won't need to order any of 'em for 3 weeks, then I'll order them all at the same time instead of every week this time 🤣  I can carry on with my day now, until Steve gets home from his appointment and I get the door for him.

Steve's back now, and our lunch today will be crisps and yoghurt 😉  It's our one unhealthy meal a week 'cos Steve doesn't want to cook when he gets back from the appointment, which is fair enough.  That and Wednesdays are pretty much our only non-cooked meals each week now, which is a lot better than it used to be a year or so ago❗

Just taken the senior puppy for her last stroll of the day and I think I'll leave it until maybe 6pm 🕕 before I take her out tomorrow, but I'll do like I did this morning, when I take her out tomorrow, and take her out as soon as I come downstairs before I take my pills or turn on my laptop or even have a drink 'cos it was a lot cooler out there at almost 8am 🕗 this morning so I think I've found the right time to take her out in the morning, just got to work out the best time for her second walk of the day now.

Just reviewed the external hard drive on this blog, just need to code and upload it to my reviews page and Amazon now.  I've already taken my last two pills of the day and Steve's made me a mug of tea, so I'm gonna head to bed as soon as I've got the reviews sorted and the mug drained.

That's the review up on my site and sent to Amazon, so I've just gotta drain the mug, then I can head to bed.

Still got 445 steps to go to reach my 10k target and I need a wee, so I'm hoping I'll achieve it by the time I go to bed tonight.

Going for a wee then heading to bed now... it'll be interesting to see if it logs my sleep tonight, cos this is day two of me not charging my Fitbit when it's below 75% so we shall see what happens in the morning.  Either way is fine and dandy, I just need to work out how much info I can squeeze out of it before it needs charging up is all.

Heading up to bed now... nite nite orl and eye'll sea ewe in the morning.

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