Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Mornin' all.

I've walked and fed the puppy and taken all my pills, including the newest OAB one.  It made me feel slightly sick for about 10 minutes, but no other side effects since, so I'm thinking that the nausea was a psychosomatic response and I'll be right as rain with it now that I've taken it once without any side effects.

I've achieved another 2 blobs since coming home with the puppy and I'm at 10k steps already, so I'm hoping I'll double that by the time I've had my lunch and fingers crossed 🤞 it'll be my most ever steps too.

Steve said last night that we'd be having pizza for lunch today... hope so 'cos that should significantly increase my calories which I really need to do every day so that I don't lose more weight when I've been told not to.

I'm gonna have a Cherry Bakewell tart to start off the day though.

We did have the pizza for a late lunch and I've got 10 blobs in the app so far.  Gonna take the puppy out for her second stroll of the day soon, which will hopefully improve my steps count to more than 27k today (currently at 18k steps), doubt I'll get above 25k in reality though  😞

Just a short blog post today... I'm completely shattered, so I'm having an early night 💤.  Sea ewe orl 2morro.

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