Wednesday 24 June 2020

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Morning all

I've started the virus scan and taken my morning pills, so I'm gonna go and jump in the bath and shave my pits now... my legs will just have to wait a bit longer.


Back now. 

I decided to do my legs after all. 

I'm never waiting that long between shaves again 'cos I had to unclog the razor 3 times per armpit, once each for my arms and twice each for my legs... the water was dark greeny brown, almost black, when I pulled the plug out and my skin was peeling off whenever I rubbed it with any kind of pressure at all!

That's me clean for the next 3 months though 😉

Feeling incredibly proud of myself right now.
Since getting weighed to know what my starting goal was when I got my Fitbit at the end of September 2019 (I was 72kg then) I went down to 63kg in about February/March kinda time and I've just been weighed again (literally about half an hour ago) and I'm now 54kg which is "right in the middle of your ideal weight range, so you now don't need to lose any more, just keep maintaining" according to the nurse.

My blood pressure is perfect too and there was only a 9 point difference between the fitness tracker on my wrist and the medical blood pressure machine which the nurse seemed to be impressed by the accuracy of it considering it's a not a medical device.

She wants me to go back once more in about 6 weeks time to have my blood pressure checked again in case today's was just a positive fluke, but if it's still accurate then, she's happy for me to just do it from home after that which will open up an appointment slot for something that can't be done at home like blood tests and smears and dressing changes and jabs etc.

Gonna celebrate with cheesy chips and baked beans, garlic mushrooms and onion rings for tea, which'll prolly take me into the red on the graph, but it's been at least 10 days if not 2 weeks since I last went into the red calories and I think I'm allowed to now today after getting such good news❗

Update on tea: just having cheesy chips and baked beans to go along with 2 cans of pop.

I took the puppy out for her first stroll in two weeks a couple of hours ago, but underestimated just how hot it was out there, so I'm gonna try again as soon as I come down tomorrow morning, in the hope that it'll be significantly cooler and more bearable for both of us.

Cor lummy I'm bloated now❗

I've taken my pills and don't plan on having a late night tonight 'cos I've potentially got an early start in the morning.

Heading to bed now. Nite nite orl.

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