Thursday 4 June 2020

Thursday 4th June 2020

Morning all.

Absolutely nothing has been logged in the Fitbit app or on my tracker, so I'm just gonna not log anything other than food and liquid manually today and just hope that it sorts itself out soon❗

I've taken my pills and I'm about to walk the puppy for the first time today.  BBS.

Gonna update this blog in colour today, purple to start off with I think.

We're back now and the Fitbit hasn't logged any steps or active minutes so I'm gonna give it until lunchtime tomorrow to get itself sorted out then ask for advice on the Fitbit forum 'cos I'm missing 30 active minutes and 2,000 steps from yesterday, minimum, and getting on for 50 active minutes and 4,500 steps so far today.  I've learnt my lesson though, I need to charge it up within 24 hours of the battery going grey in the app, rather than leaving it at 50% for 3 days.

Chips for lunch today (aka fries for those in America) - simple, quick and easy, while still being pretty filling, so you won't see me complaining❗

Got 8 photos of our beautiful puppy dog again this afternoon... they are up on my homepage now and she's currently making Steve's eyes water with a particularly stinky fart 🤣  Good work puppy dog❗ 🤣

Just back from walking the puppy dog and the Bluetooth is strong enough to get a heartrate and blood pressure reading now, so hopefully that means that my Fitbit will be back in action by tomorrow morning and it really was just bad timing between the Bluetooth connection not being strong enough and me deciding to run the battery down on my Fitbit.  Assuming it's working again tomorrow through to Monday night, I'll try running it down again as of Tuesday just to see whether it really was just bad timing or if my Fitbit really doesn't like not being fully charged.

Time to take my evening pills now... BBS.

That's the pills taken... accidentally dropped one on the floor but managed to pick it up and put it in my mouth before the pup had a chance to steal it.  Time to catch up with my emails now, before I head to bed.

Time for me to head to beddy-byes now... nite nite orl and I'll sea ewe 2morro 💤

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