Thursday 25 June 2020

Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning all.

I've taken the puppy out for an early morning stroll and we both coped a lot better with it.  The puppy wanted to come home for the first quarter, but that's only 'cos I hadn't walked her in two weeks 'cos of having to self-isolate, but when we both got used to it again she didn't want to come home 😍  I'm gonna take her out again at about 7.30pm for her afternoon stroll to see how she copes with it, then take it from there.

I fed her when we came home and she went out for a poo within a few minutes, so I cleared it up and went out for my first lengths of the day.  My legs were kinda going "WTF are you doing❓❗" but I pushed through it and carried on walking.  Almost collapsed a few times 'cos my legs obviously weren't used to it, but it'll hopefully be back to normal by the time I take the puppy out for the last time tonight.

Almost time for my second set of laps of the day, then I've got a book to read and review, so if this is a short blog post today, that's why.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the day and I'm half way through the book, so it'll be another short blog post tomorrow, but the book is soooo worth it.  I'm heading to bed now... nite nite orl.

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