Monday 8 June 2020

Book Review: How To Write a Simple Book Review by Allyson R Abbott

⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

The author herself, in this book, has said that short, two word reviews are good, this review is already longer than that, obviously, but I haven't learnt anything new yet... the first 18 pages are just drivel and comparing an erotic novel (that's what 50 Shades is, isn't it??) to a children's novel (although I know that Harry Potter is enjoyed by adults too) instead of comparing them with other books for the same age range and genre... it's like comparing chocolate cake to vegetable lasagne for me - they are the same type (books/food) but that's where the similarities end!

Now the author is going on about comparisons between years... soooo dull and boring, considering I'm only 18 pages in!

After literally a couple of paragraphs about reviewing, the author is now talking to fellow authors about re-visiting parts of their published work and changing it as well as investing in a beta read - Jo Public on the street doesn't give two hoots about that... just get on with letting me know how to write a good review instead of padding your book out to meet the minimum word count!

Oops!  A little spelling error on page 30 - nowhere near as bad as some I've seen in other books, but it still should have been picked up before it went to print  ;-)

Totally agree about authors paying for 5 star reviews and/or writing the review themselves - if they think their book isn't ready to get honest, independent reviews, maybe they shouldn't have published their book yet?

I'm getting confuzzled about which country the author of this book is writing from 'cos they've used both pounds and cents so far - the UK uses pounds and pence but America and Canada use dollars and cents but they've never (AFAIK) been interchangable!

At last!  We're almost half way through the book, but I'm finally gonna learn some tips on writing a review... hopefully!

Oh dear, now we're back to using dollars again... I reckon the author should use just one currency and stick with it... sorry!  Right at the top of page 52 the author is now saying dollar or pound... use one or the other then stick with it fer flips sake!!

What started off promising, ended up being a huge disappointment and a lot of unnecessary padding.  Sorry.

Oooh!  Good shout about those two websites on page 86!  Hold on while I put the URLs in my calendar to have a look at tomorrow...

OK, it's in my calendar now... taking bets on me forgetting all about it by the time I wake up tomorrow though!  lol

The book ends with a lot of advertising for the authors other books which was a huuuuge disappointment unfortunately.

In summary, mainly padding and a waste of my time this afternoon unfortunately.  If you're prepared for that and you've written absolutely no reviews in your adult life, then you might get more out of it than I did, but for me it was a total waste of my time.  Sorry.

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