Friday 5 June 2020

Friday 5th June 2020

Morning all.

Think I've worked out why my Fitbit hasn't been working for the last few days - there seems to be a worldwide Inspire issue, so it really was just bad timing that I decided to run the charge down when I did 🤣

I've taken my pills so I'm gonna take the puppy out for the first walk of the day now.  Gonna change the text colour for today to blue, first though 😉

OK it's blue now, so time to go out for our stroll now.  BBS.

When the Fitbit Inspire tracker goes wrong next time, can someone remind me to attach it to the USB charger and restart it please, instead of me getting frustrated with it for days on end 'cos it's working perfectly fine again now.  It also means that the lack of charge had nothing to do with it not working, so I'm gonna leave it for 24 hours after the battery has gone grey in the app before I charge it up next time, just to see how that works... I'll hopefully get close to 5 days battery life out of it then, which is a lot better than the current 3½ days.

I had a letter from a solictors today.  Apparently I'm owed some tax money back from PPI so I've filled in the form and written a letter to go with it and Steve doesn't think Marie will mind posting it for me when she brings our shopping over this afternoon - TIA Marie❕ 👍

Had egg sandwiches for lunch... I didn't get eggy farts last time, just a touch of constipation for a couple of days, so hopefully we won't need air freshner this time either❕ 🤣

Gotta sort out my maffs now - I've tried to work it out 3 times and come up with a different answer each time 🤣

That's more like it... not overdrawn but not rolling in cash either after all my bills have come out for the rest of June.  I can stop worrying now 😌

I've taken my Calcium, so I'm completely dosed up until tonight now.

Dunno what I've been up to all afternoon, but I've just taken my last two pills of the day and I'm hoping for an early night with my sleep logged for the first time since Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Saying that though my eyes are already starting to droop and feel heavy, so I might shut down for the night now, after all.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe 2morro 💤

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