Saturday 6 June 2020

Saturday 6th June 2020

Mornin' all.

Gotta remember to use those curly things to break up each blog comment, yeah❓  Which colour text shall I use today❓  Green maybe❓  Like this❓  Hmmm, looks a bit dark to be recognised for green, so let's try orange instead... is this any better❓  It started off looking a bit red but it's definitely orange now, so I'm gonna stick with the orange.

I've taken my pills and checked my email, so it's time to take the puppy out for her stroll now 🐾, as long as the pesky but brave seagull has flown off... I'll go and put my head out of the door to check... BRB❗

The seagull has disappeared, thankfully, so I'm gonna take the puppy for her stroll then sort out the exercise spreadsheet (that I was having issues with last night) and put it up on my homepage.

The puppy hasn't moved out of her basket, so I'm gonna feed her and try again in a couple of hours 'cos I think she's feeling her age (11 years old at the end of June) this morning so I'm not gonna force her.

She's sat between Steve's fee...

...she decided that she wanted to go for her walk just then, so I took her out and we strolled while she wanted to, just in case she didn't feel up to it at the end of the sentence. 

I'm wondering if she's got arthritis or something which causes her pain so she doesn't want to move 'cos it took a good 10 or 15 minutes of persuasion and her breakfast before we eventually and very slowly got out there and it took a few very slow lengths before she felt able to walk at her normal speed and start to enjoy it then the last few lengths were the same too.  I just hope it's Westitude rather than pain that she was showing this morning❗

She was fine with her second walk, so I'll see how she goes tomorrow before I settle on whether it's Westitude or medical.

Gotta read and review a book now... it's only a short one, so I'm hoping to be finished with reading and reviewing it by tomorrow morning.

That's the book read, reviewed, coded and uploaded, so I've just got a photo of the puppy to put on my homepage then I'm off to bed.

Time to hit the hay now... nite nite orl.  Sea ewe 2morro

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