Thursday 18 June 2020

Book Review: "Tragic Birth of The Freedom Sun" by Aman Soni

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

The first poem is good, but it really didn't need to be on a separate page for each verse... why not just put the three verses on the same page?

The second poem is good too, but it's on a new page for every verse again!

The third poem saved the first star being knocked off 'cos the whole poem was on the same page, as it should be, so we're still at 5 stars thankfully.

There have been a few spelling mistakes so I'm wondering if the author ran a spell-checker through his manuscript before it was published?

There are some amazingly powerful poems in this book and the author should be proud of 'em!

A few capitalisation errors have slipped through on the same page, so those and the previous minor errors are forcing me to reluctantly knock off a star, unfortunately.

More capitalisation and basic mistakes slipping through at 53% of the way through... it's almost like the author got to 50% with the editing and gave up unfortunately  :-(

A confusing spelling mistake this time... should it be halo or hello?  Is there such a word as "rejoicement" and "Alass" or are they spelling mistakes too?  "5 am in the morning"??  Surely it's either 5am or 5 o'clock in the morning, right?

The author has the same issue with spelling lose/loose as me lol  I've just checked with my hubby and it's definitely a single o (losing and lose) so that the line makes sense.  Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with that particular word!  lol

80% of the way through and there's a missing e in the first line before the poem starts.  Has the author stopped caring about their book by now or summat?  There were very few errors in the first half, but there have been loads of 'em in the last 30%!

Just finished reading it and I've really enjoyed most of it... the spelling and grammar issues, especially in the last half of the book really is the only reason I've removed that single star... a touch of editing to get them sorted and it would have been a solid 5 stars from me.  Definitely worth a read though, for sure!

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