Wednesday 3 June 2020

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Mornin' again all.

The Fitbit is begging to be charged up now 'cos it's taking forever to load up the info in the app, so I'll take the puppy for her morning stroll then take my pills and set it charging.  It's done well to give me 4 days longer than normal though, so I ain't complaining at all❗

It looks a bit wet out there and it's a lot cooler than yesterday, so hopefully the puppy will find it easier to walk this morning.

Back now.  It's was dribbling with spitter-spatters of rain and was a lot cooler so the puppy was a lot happier this morning.  She was struggling by lap 30 though, so I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll do 30 laps in the morning and 20 in the early evening, which is still the same number of daily laps, they will hopefully just help the puppy to feel better about our morning strolls, with the slightly fewer laps in the morning.  She's a senior puppy now, so I'm taking my lead from her and the last few days she's been wanting to come home at around 30 laps, so I'll try that tomorrow, as well as walking her earlier in the mornings and later in the evenings when it's cooler.

The puppy has had her breakfast and her thyroid pill, I've taken my pills, so lets get the Fitbit charged up now 👌.

We're having another roast dinner delivered on Sunday❗  For two roast dinners with huge portions and two gorgeous puds, it's under £20 and we're supporting a local, family-run business too, which is even better❗  That's cheaper than the big companies and they appreciate every order too, instead of just being another profit number - we're gonna be semi-regulars now, especially during the pandemic❗  They need our custom more than big companies so we'll use their cafe whenever we can afford it I reckon 👌.

The Fitbit is fully charged and back around my ankle now.  The virus scan has just finished too - still free of nasty stuff, so time to do the backups now... BBS.

Backups are under way for another week and Steve's gonna make a start on our lunch (egg sandwiches for me) and I'm impressed at how quickly the virus scan finished today (approx 3-4 hours) and the backups are zipping away as I type this, so I'll hopefully be able to check my emails sooner than normal too... I could get used to this 👍

Just had my lunch (egg sandwich) and I'm still waiting for the last half of my backups to finish, but as soon as they do I'll put the external hard drive away for another week and open up my emails for the first time since last night.

The backups have just finished but my Fitbit still isn't counting my steps, so I'm gonna have to add them manually instead... maybe that's why I was charging it up at 75% instead of 50%❓❓  What I think I'll try this time is to run it down to 50% again, but not leave it at 50% for two days, like I did this time.  I'm gonna wear it until it's at 50% and charge it then instead of running it as far down as I did this time.

That's the exercise spreadsheet sorted for a good while yet now - the bars in the first graph are more accurate now and I can do 200 sit-ups before I need to fiddle with it again now.

That's the puppy walked for the second time, but my steps weren't logged again, so I'm gonna reboot my laptop again then see if there's anything on the Fitbit site about how to fix it... I had this problem before and there was a solution on the site, so hopefully I'll be able to find it again to fix the problem and get it working again.

Can't find the solution now, but it says that the Bluetooth connection may be weak atm and my cheapo one on my wrist can't read my heart rate or blood pressure, so I'm thinking maybe that's what it is.  I'll give it until tomorrow evening to sort itself out then I'll post on the Fitbit forum to see if they've got any ideas - they are usually really great, so maybe it's just been all round bad timing by my fitness trackers today❓❓

Not even 8pm yet and I'm off to bed for a reeeaaallly early night for a change... bet I'll still be awake at 10pm though❗ 🤣

Night night all... see you tomorrow at some point❗

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