Friday 26 June 2020

Book Review: "Love & Pollination" by Mari Jane Law

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I've loved chapter 1!  This is hopefully the start of a great book that I'll really be able to get into... the full 5 stars are well deserved so far!

Chapter 2 was good too... poor Perdita!

So far so great with this novel, still a very well-deserved five stars... I'm wondering why each chapter is only a few pages long though??

I was wrong about the chapters only being a few pages - chapter 4 was definitely longer lol

I'm deeply loving this book - currently up to chapter 9 and my life has been on hold since the first page because it's so great... not gonna finish it before bed time tonight 'cos I'm only 22% of the way through, but it'll be the first thing I open tomorrow morning, even at the expense of my email which is usually one of the first things I open... you *have* to get your eyes into this book in my opinion!

This is getting better and better... Perdita has just taken a librarian into a shop and met a friend there... innocent, right?  Read chapter 15 to find out!

Yep, still just as good the next day... books don't usually make me tearful, but I'm feeling pretty choked up with pride at the end of chapter 25!  WTG Perdita!

Just read chapter 35 and it was such a huge relief that it happened... got 9 pages left to read and the author is doing a fantastic job of tieing up the story... WTG author!

Chapter 36 is a huuuuuge relief and the author is doing a fantastic job.  This is a truly fantastic book!

Just finished it and I love a happy ending... this is most definitely a must-read and I can't recommend it highly enough!

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