Tuesday 2 June 2020

Tuesday 2nd May 2020

Morning all.

I'm seriously impressed with the Fitbit's charge still lasting❗  This is day 3 extra so far and I would have charged it up at least once usually, but not this time❗  It's still recording my steps and sleep without me having to manually put it in and the app is still saying that it's half charged so I'm gonna give it until tomorrow then really will reward it with a well-deserved charging session 🤣

Gonna take my pills while the puppy is still reluctant to wake up then take her for a walk and get started with my day.

That's me pills taken and I've already drunk a litre of squash, despite only being awake for 1½ hours❗  The puppy is barely stirring so it might be a shortish walk today in case she's feeling her age especially much this morning.

Just bought my mum's birthday gifts for her... one will be there tomorrow and the other on the 8th to 9th.  I hope she enjoys them❗

Just finished speaking to my mum and she knows she's getting two deliveries now, so hopefully they will both arrive at a reasonableish kinda time.  She's been let down by a supplier of something similar, so hopefully these deliveries will start to make up for it.

That's the Fitbit email report coded and uploaded to my site now.

Gonna walk 🐾 the puppy (an hour later than usual) to see if it's any cooler out there yet.  BBS❗

That's the puppy walked 🐾, fed and watered.  It's still too hot out there, so I'll try taking her out 2 hours later than normal tomorrow.  I'm thinking, for both of our sakes and while it's so hot ğŸŒž out there, I'll walk her at 7am 🕖 and 6pm🕕 so that neither of us get overheated.  Hopefully we'll have a Summer routine sorted out before the end of the week.

That's me last two pills of the day taken, and my screen darkened, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to have an early night tonight, potentially to get us both ready for our first early morning stroll to see what the temperature is like then.  Steve said it'll be about 10°c and today was in the mid 20's so maybe tomorrow won't be such a fair test after all❓❓

I guess we'll find out in 12 hours time 🤣

Gonna head to bed now... bet I'll still be awake at my normal bed-time though❗ 🤣

Nite nite orl 💤

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