Tuesday 31 October 2023

It's a good job that...

...I'll be having a treat-sized bar of chocolate for every chapter that I write for NaNo, 'cos other than drinking chocolates/mochas, I'll be living on under 500 calories a day and considering I'm under where I wanted to be weight-wise, that's not a good thing at all.

There won't be any more photos of my meals until I've finished NaNo so that I don't have to put my laptop on the floor and because it'll just be toast and juice for breakfast and a mug of soup for lunch, it seems pointless just for those couple of weeks.

Starting from tomorrow, for however long it takes, there will be very few blog posts and I doubt there will even be to-do lists 'cos I'll be concentrating on my writing and nothing else.  It's only twice a year in November for NaNo and January for JanNo that I put everything else on hold, but I'm determined to finish it in memory of Steve.

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