Monday 23 October 2023

Mornin' all

For some reason, my old mobile with 66% battery left at bedtime last night, was completely dead this morning!  It's charging up now, along with my watch and my new phone, so hopefully they will all last a couple of days when they're all fully charged.

I've gotta remember to bring the waste food caddy in when it's been collected and I've got the blood test and blood pressure and cholesterol and measurements thing this afternoon.

Gotta remember to ask Marie to get me another book of stamps at some point 'cos I used the last one yesterday for the body donation thing.

Have I already said that I've had my morning glass of water and popped my morning pills?

I'm gonna drink less than normal this morning otherwise I'll be needing a wee and potentially wetting myself when I'm having the health checks done!

The daily virus scan was still clear, so that's reassuring.

My first carer of the week could turn up at any time so I'm gonna publish this now and hopefully get my to-do list up before she arrives too.


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