Wednesday 25 October 2023

Today's (25th October 2023) breakfast photo

This morning has been incredibly delayed all round 'cos I usually have my breakfast after my morning carer has left each morning, but it got to 8.30am and she hadn't turned up so I followed the instructions and said that it was too late now 'cos I was expecting someone to turn up at 9am.  Just before 9am I got a reply to say that I wasn't booked in to get any calls today so I had a late breakfast at 9.27am and my lunch is gonna be onion rings made in the air fryer instead of my usual bowl of baked beans or tinned spaghetti.

My very delayed breakfast was just my usual two slices of wholemeal 'Toastie' toast with dairy free spread and my usual supermarkets own brand of hazelnut and chocolate spread which has been causing such a small allergic reaction that I reckon I'll be getting it again, especially as it's half the price of the vegan one which messed me up more!  lol

Here's today's very delayed breakfast photo:

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