Thursday 26 October 2023

Today's carer has just left and...

...I hate to say it, but she was even more useless than the ones who spend the entire time on their phones, which is saying something!

Why was she so useless?

Because I asked her to flick the switch on the big kettle to boil it so she overfilled the already full to maximum kettle and boiled it so I had to burn my hand when the lid flipped up then stood up against me the entire time so that I could barely wash the right side of me then she tried to dry me with a tea towel, then pulled the head off my electric toothbrush and gave me that to brush my teeth with and that's before the whole palava of getting me dressed!

I stumbled to the stairs where she put my cardigan on first and backwards, then my top, then pulled my trousers up so high that my "bits" are agony and will be for the rest of the day now!

Then she asked what was next and I barely stopped myself from telling her that it was time for her to fuck off and never come back.

I'm sure she's usually great at her job, but I'm shaking like a leaf, in absolute agony, weak, feeble, wobbly and I've still gotta get my breakfast ready!

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