Wednesday 25 October 2023

Today's (25th October 2023) lunch photo

For my second very delayed meal of the day made by yours truly, I had my first totally solid hot meal since the start of the year and my body isn't sure how to process it now lol

I finished off the 9 battered onion rings and a portion of straight cut chips in the air fryer with a good dollop of tomato ketchup to give it some moisture.

I know this may not sound like much to be proud of, but I've made both of my meals today and they were both solid, which is more than has happened since the start of the year when I thought I had 30 paid-for minutes with my carers when in actual fact they all stay for 20 minutes and at least 10 of those minutes are used up with them putting on and taking off their PPE and some carers spend the other 10 minutes on their phones, so I've had to put up with meals that can be made, dished up and eaten in 10 minutes and usually by me if I get a carer who doesn't fancy supporting me <shrug>

Today's very late lunch was 9 battered onion rings and a decent sized portion of straight-cut chips (aka fries for anyone who speaks American) and a large dollop of tomato ketchup.

I'm already burping like a good'un but my lunch today was sooo worth it.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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