Sunday 29 October 2023

Mornin' mornin'

How's things in your world this morning?

My cold has gone to my throat now so I'll be coughing a lot and making everyone think it's covid.

Did you all remember to put your clocks back an hour?  I only had to change three of mine - everything else was done automatically, thankfully.

I've had my glass of water with my morning pills and I've got a mug of decaff coffee on the go now, to warm me up while I wait for my morning carer.  Giving my FitBit some juice and I've gotta take the rubbish and recycling out when she's gone.  Will I make it to an hour of support that I've actually received this week?  We'll have to wait and see!

The virus scan found an advanced issue but that was quickly and easily sorted, thankfully.

This blog post is getting waaay too long, so I'm gonna publish it and make a start on my day's to-do list.


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