Saturday 28 October 2023

Rant about this morning's carer

I'm sure she's great with her other clients, but this morning's carer's idea of support is filling up the kitchen sink half way with cold water and leaving the cold tap running at full blast so that even with a full kettle of boiling water, it was barely tepid, then talking to someone she lives with on her phone twice while I was getting washed and I know that because the person she was talking to both times was looking for something and my carer told them twice that it was "in my room, on television cabinet, next to CD rack".  

To give credit where credit is due, she got the towel for me when she finished the first call and helped me to get dressed by putting my bra on back to front the first time, then inside out the second time, but it was third time lucky for that.  She put my knickers on both inside out and back to front and pulled the socks up so high that the heel is now half way up my calf so when I've stopped shaking I'll have to get dressed for the second time this morning before I have my breakfast.

What started off as being a good day very rapidly changed to being a bad day, purely thanks to my carer.

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