Tuesday 31 October 2023

Mornin' mornin'

How are you all diddling this morning?

I'm not doing anywhere near as badly as I was thinking.  One of the injection sites is sore and I'm absolutely cold and wiped out, but I'm not feeling anywhere near as nauseous as I did before.  I'm gonna take it easy today (other than asking my lunchtime carer to help me to change the bedding) to help my body to recover as much as possible.  It's leftovers for lunch today instead of yesterday so that will only take about a minute to make then my carer can go and be on time/early for her next client.

I remembered to look at the smart meter this morning and it was 64p at about 4am, so if I allow for being an hour early and also having my computer and kettle on an hour early, that's about 70p which is almost 10p cheaper than it was last week, which I know doesn't sound like much, but it's £3.00 a month which is a free bath a month just by being able to shut the lid on the chest freezer!

I've swallowed my morning pills with my morning glass of water and I've got a decaff coffee on the go now, so I'm all set until my first carer of the day arrives now.

My groceries are being delivered this afternoon.  I hope they're on time rather than 2 hours early again lol  I need to put in my next grocery order too, so I'd best make use of this extra hour and get it sorted then put my day's to-do list together!


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