Wednesday 25 October 2023

Today's (25th October 2023) to-do list

  • Drink glass of water - I completely forgot this morning and had a mug of decaff tea instead so it'll be interesting to see how my body reacts!
  • Take morning pills
  • Run daily virus scan - 38% at 6.26am
  • Do backups
  • Put drops in my ear
  • Turn on air purifier
  • Try to book flu jab and ear syringing - I'll try between carers today - I'm in touch with someone who is trying to help me via email so I hopefully won't have to phone for either of the jabs, just the syringing - I've got the two jabs booked now <gulp> so it's just the ear syringing to organise now, thankfully
  • Fill kettle with water
  • Boil water in preparation
  • Have breakfast
  • Put photo of breakfast on here and Instagram
  • Get washed and dressed with my carer
  • Get insulation, ventilation and solar panels installed
  • Do the news
  • Read my last Kindle Unlimited book
  • Sort out email addresses - two of the addresses not working is a mystery that I'm gonna email my hosts about hopefully today but the others are hosted on a decommissioned platform so I'm gonna ask that the site is transferred over to the multi-site account and hope for the best - I've potentially worked out how to sort out the two mysterious ones, so I've just gotta contact my hosts about the migration if I have - I've just opened a support ticket for the email addresses then I'll get the next two weeks and NaNo out of the way before I attempt to migrate the last site 'cos it's got databases and PHP and all kinds of other stuff that I haven't got a clue about, so want to have a clear head before I take on that challenge. - a truly spectacular support person got it sorted within 23 minutes and we all just need to be patient while everything moves across, reset up the email addresses et voila apparently!  Next up is my navigation page then the writing site <gulp>
  • Keep working on memorial site
  • Find new Pagan forum - will I be approved on any of the 3 I've applied to today?
  • Have lunch
  • Log lunch into FitBit app
  • Put photo of my lunch up on here and Instagram
  • Take lunchtime pill
  • Do my laps
  • Do the physio exercises
  • Try on new posture corrector
  • Give posture corrector away to a Freegler - they were totally unreliable so I've contacted my backup to see if they still want it or not - another couple of people are interested in it now too - I've given my original backup until 6pm tomorrow to contact me about it before I give it to someone else - there's less than 12 hours to go before I give it to my second backup...
  • Give Graze vouchers away to Freeglers
  • Read and review 1 Kindle Unlimited book
  • Study my courses
  • Take evening pills
  • Go to bed

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