Thursday 26 October 2023

Second caring total for today

Monday:  1 minute at lunchtime to dish up the leftover Sunday roast

Tuesday:  6 minutes - 1 minute in the morning to put a plaster on my back and 5 minutes to post a letter for me in a postbox that's less than a minute away from here.

Wednesday:  0 minutes - I hope I won't be charged for yesterday, but I prolly will be, just like the other times in the past

Thursday:  0 minutes - she made a difficult job even worse by standing with her body right up against mine as I was getting washed and the rest of it is in the rant I've just posted.

Thurs Lunch:  8 minutes - not only did she do the cooking but she washed up too this afternoon!

Total care I'll be billed for so far this week:  4 hours

Total care I've actually received this week:  15 minutes

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