Saturday 28 October 2023

Another weekly caring total

Monday:  1 minute at lunchtime to dish up the leftover Sunday roast

Tuesday:  6 minutes - 1 minute in the morning to put a plaster on my back and 5 minutes to post a letter for me in a postbox that's less than a minute away from here.

Wednesday:  0 minutes - I hope I won't be charged for today, but I prolly will be, just like the other times in the past

Thursday:  0 minutes - she made a difficult job even worse by standing with her body right up against mine as I was getting washed and the rest of it is in the rant I've just posted.

Thurs Lunch:  8 minutes - not only did she do the cooking but she washed up too this afternoon!

Friday:  2 minutes - she helped me to put my bra on back to front twice

Fri Lunch:  6 minutes - she did the cooking at full heat so it had gone from the tin to the bowl in the time it took me to put my laptop on the floor and go for a wee.  She also did the washing up so I had a lot of care today!

Saturday: 3 minutes - to put my clothes on backwards and inside out so I had to get dressed again before I had my breakfast

Sat lunch:  6 minutes - same thing as yesterday lunchtime

Total care I'll be billed for so far this week:  6 hours

Total care I've actually received this week:  32 minutes

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