Friday 27 October 2023

Mornin' all

Have I bought a perfect hair brush?

I've used it 5 times and I'm loving it.

The bristles are slightly pointy but flexible so it massages my scalp without shredding it to bits and because they are plasticy they don't cause static when it goes anywhere close to my hair and most importantly it's quick and easy to deal with tangles now.

I haven't used it on wet hair yet, but I'm hoping it'll be nice and gentle on it without making my hair break.

So far, it's very much a five star brush.

Now that I've given my initial thoughts, let's get on with my usual morning post shall we?

I've drunk my morning glass of water, taken my morning pills and run the daily virus scan (which was still clear) and I've gotta remember to clear my caches this evening ready for tomorrow's monthly virus scan.

My supermarket delivery pass was renewed overnight, for another year, so that's reassuring.

It's Friday today yeah?  So I'm predicting that I'll get less than half an hour of actual support from my carers this week, but I'll be charged for the full 6½ hours that I'm supposed to get, but we shall see.

Time to publish this and make a start on putting today's to-do list together before my morning carer arrives.


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