Friday 4 January 2019

Friday 4th January 2019

The pup was a walking machine this morning!

She didn't do 100%.

Or 200%

Let alone 300%

Or even 400%!!

She forced me to walk a huge 450% this morning!!

There was 900% extra in the bank yesterday, added to today's 350% extra, means there's 1250% in the bank after only 5 days so we're looking good for getting at least 1500% in the bank, or maybe even 1750% 'cos that's only 250% extra each day of the weekend.  I'm not going to force her though... as long as we do 100% then that's fine by me!

The reason she didn't want to extend it to 500% was because she needed a poo, which she did in the back yard within a couple of minutes of me taking her harness off... she's such a thoughtful pup and seems to understand how difficult I find it to bend down and pick up her poo, so she's done it in the back yard for the last 3 days.  Awesome pup.

We also finished her bag of food off for her breakfast, so it's a good job we got another one in the week before Christmas.

She's fast asleep in her bed now though!  lol

I only set the virus scan going an hour or so ago and it's already at 26%!!  As long as I clear the caches again before I go to bed, hopefully it'll be finished by the time I come down tomorrow.

That's the supplements taken... shockingly easily today!  Just 1 mouthful of squash for each of them and 1.5 mouthfuls even for the multi, purely cos I was paranoid that I'd throw it back up and my mouth was pretty dry.  4 supplements in 5 mouthfuls of squash though is incredible for me!

It can be done, I just want more days like today is all!

I am so ace... I am so ace!

That's the last of the Amazon stuff I ordered over Christmas 'cos the last thing arrived with the post this morning even though it's 11 days before the first delivery date!!  Impressive speed by anyone's standards!

That really is it now though, no more spending other than groceries until the start of February when I'll get Steve's Valentine gift for him then that's it until June when it's my mum's birthday then our anniversary then Mitzi's 10th birthday!

Gonna put £25 a week into my savings account to slowly build up enough money to be able to afford to study in 2020.  You watch me forget though!  lol

Just won a £10 Amazon voucher from a survey I did for my bank... totally surprised that it's happened... today has been a good day for me so far and Steve's just brought in a mug of tea for me too!

Steve's just said about having a curry for tea tonight, but the virus scan is running so I can't turn my laptop off to put on the floor so we'll hopefully have it tomorrow instead, when the scan is done and dusted and the laptop is backed up again.

It's been aaaages since we last had a curry and my taste-buds are getting excited at the mere thought!  lol

We've had 2 home-cooked meals this week (toasted sarnies do count IMO 'cos they weren't ordered in so therefore they are made at home which is all I want) so having the curry tomorrow is fine by me!

Can't help craving the veggie lasagne from a different take-away delivery place now though! lol

Prescription taken... that was easy to swallow tonight too, so maybe I've just been taking the supplements too early?  Before my throat has woken up?  Maybe I should try taking them at lunchtime instead of straight after I've taken the pup for her stroll?

Having a really early night... 7.45pm and I'm heading to bed now.

Nite nite orl!

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