Tuesday 1 January 2019

Tuesday 1st January 2019!!

I hope you enjoy 2019 as much as possible... I certainly intend to!

Have you got any New Year's resolutions? I've got 2:
  • to lose a clothes size around my waist so that I comfortably fit into a size 14 for trousers and skirts
  • to get published

This is going to be MY year to become a better person than I was in 2018.  I wish you all sucess and happiness throughout this year.  Just do your best and you'll get there - it's all anyone can ask!

The pup did 300% on her walk this morning, so there's 450% in the bank already this week.

She was eager to go this morning and poo'd at less than 10% of the distance so she was obviously desperate, poor girl!  She seems to understand that I need to lean on a car to pick up her poo though, cos it's been pretty much a week now since she poo'd in a gap between cars so that's great going by the pup!

So proud of her!

Got £500 in my account now!  Yay!

Just found out that I won't be studying this year after all.  The module I want to try first costs almost £3,000 and opens for registration in April.  There's no way I can find that much, that quickly, hopefully next year though... gives me something to save up for now!

Bit disappointing but I'm determined to do it without borrowing the money... it just wasn't meant to be.  My Gods and Godesses have obviously got something better planned for me this year!

It *will* happen, just not in 2019 is all.

That's the supplements taken.  The first three went down fine and dandy, so I foolishly assumed that the Multi would too.


Three mouthfuls of squash later and it barely went down my throat.  It's gone now though, so don't need to worry about it until tomorrow now.  Dunno why it's suddenly become so difficult to swallow it  👎 😕

Got my first cold of the year now, just to put the tin hat on things.  Not too bad yet, but I've been sneezing a bit and my eyes are watering, so just waiting for the snotty nose and coughing alongside a possible sore throat and I've got the full works on the first day of 2019  😒

First home-cooked meal of 2019 - toasted cheese sandwiches.  Yummy, scrummy, in my tummy!

Gonna take me prescription now and have an early night now... just gotta wait for the prescription to kick in first!

5.50pm and me prescription has just gone down the hatch so, in theory, I'll be awake by 6am tomorrow but I'm just gonna turn over and go back to sleep hopefully!

7pm and I'm off to bed now.  Not tired yet so gonna hang up me clothes first before I turn the light off and head under the duvet.

Nite nite orl!  C U in the morning!

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