Sunday 27 January 2019

Sunday 27th January 2019

Taken the puppy out for her daily stroll.  550% today.  I was happy with 500% but the puppy forced me to do an extra length which means there's a huge 2350% in the walkies bank this week!!

The rubbish and recycling were put out pretty easily too... no arguments this week!

Need to take me supplements and jump in the shower so that I can wash my hair ready for tomorrow (I'm getting it trimmed), so gonna take me supplements now, while I remember.

They're all down the hatch now.  Nice and easy again, thankfully.

That's me ready for tomorrow... shower to wash me hair and bath to wash my body.  Totally wiped out, so gonna take my prescription now and I'll hopefully be up earlier than my normal 9am 'cos I've gotta walk and feed the pup before we go and get our hair's cut in the morning.

Prescription swallowed and 3 more bottles of pop added to the shopping.  Next week is gonna be a popathon so that I've got enough for the week instead of getting 15 bottles at a time to last 2 weeks... there just isn't room in the kitchen for 15 bottles, so I'll see how I go next week with 9 bottles.  It will hopefully be just about enough to see me through the week, but I've got a few bottles of flavoured water just in case if not.

Going to have a really early night and head to bed now that my hair has dried.

Nite nite orl!

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