Thursday 10 January 2019

Thursday 10th January 2018

Another 400% today, so there's 1300% extra in the walkies bank, so as long as we keep doing 400% every morning for the rest of the week, there will be a huuuge 2200% in the extra walkies bank come Sunday.

That'd be awesome.

Might see if she wants to do 450% on just one day so that I can please my OCD, but I'm not going to force her if she doesn't want to.

Steve's coming up with a natty little spreadsheet for me with the percentage of walks with the pup and number of steps I've done every day, including a great lil graph so that I can see at a glance how I'm doing.

It's great having a nerd for a husband!  lol

No wonder I've been feeling so cruddy over the last few days - I've kept forgetting to take my supplements!

The B12 started kicking in within seconds, literally, but the other 3 will take longer to build back up.  Hopefully it'll speed up my cold effing off too!

Need to get back into the habit of swallowing the four of 'em as soon as I get back from walking the pup 'cos I don't like feeling so cruddy when I really don't need to!

Yep, my body is starting to feel better... still got a cold, obviously, but I've got a clearer head, more energy and I'm more awake now, so my body is almost relaxing now that it's got all the vitamins and minerals it needs again.

Gotta get back into the habit of taking the pup for her morning walk, taking my supplements as soon as we get back then brush my teeth before my first hot drink of the day 'cos even my knees aren't as painful as they have been for the last few days and I'm in a better mood too!

Coffee cake for a late lunch now.  Far from ideal, but better than it has been recently!

First survey of the day complete.

Second survey done and dusted.

Going to bed now for a veeeery early night... need to remember to put the step count for the day into the spreadsheet before I take my glasses off though!

Nite nite orl!

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