Thursday 3 January 2019

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Got up spectacularly early this morning...6.15am and I was already down here and having issues with my laptop!

Just taken the pup for her walk... she only wanted to do 250% this morning so there's 900% in the bank now.  She met up with someone who's doing some kind of building or something next door and their rubbish bag is still out there taking up the majority of the pavement, leaving less than 20cm of the path walkable on.  Totally serious!

Gonna take me supplements now.  Gonna try swallowing the Multi with multiple mouthfuls and not taking the bottle away from my mouth until it's gone to see if that makes it easier to swallow.  Wish me luck!

Blimey!  They all went down OK this morning... even the multi only took one mouthful of squash!

If only it was so easy every morning!

Gonna post to the depression forum about Mitzi's stroll this morning then take the rest of the day as it comes.  Our groceries are coming between 10am and 11am today, so I don't want to get too involved in anything so that I have to stop in the middle of it which'll put me in an un-necessary foul mood, so I'm just gonna take it easy for the next couple of hours.

Toasted cheese sarnies for lunch.  Yuuuum!

Just taken me prescription and I'm wide awake now!  Typical!  lol

Going to bed even though I'm not tired yet, so nite nite orl!

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