Wednesday 16 January 2019

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Felt incredibly proud of myself last night!

Managed to do 1262 steps and 400% yesterday!  How awesome is that?!

We did another 400% this morning, so there's 900% in the walkies bank now.  As long as we keep doing 400% every morning there will be another huge 21 days worth of walks extra in the bank again.

The pup has wanted to keep walking beyond the 400% each day so far, but I'm not willing to risk it until my body has recovered, so it's only 400% for at least this week then I'll take it as it comes next week.  I'm not going to be stupid and do a million percent every day just 'cos the pup wants to... 500% tops every other day next week, if that.

In the 16 days from the start of 2019 I've achieved so much.

  • I've continued to walk the pup every morning and I've been recording the number of steps I've been doing and the percentage that I walk her (400% is about 100 metres and we've been doing at least 400% every day so far).
  • I've walked at least 500 steps a day, which I know doesn't sound like a lot, but it is for me because my legs aren't able to do too much walking.
  • I've brushed my teeth every day for the last 9 days and got into the habit of doing it now, breaking the routine I've had since I was 19 years old.
  • I've been doing well without the AD for the last year.
  • I've been having at least one home cooked meal a week and choosing healthier versions of take aways (lasagne instead of burger and chips kinda thing).
  • I'm using alternatives instead of prescriptions (coconut and ginger instead of the AD and an anti-emetic).
  • I'm learning that a single bad experience doesn't have to mean a ruined day
  • I'm not spending just because I've got money or a voucher or whatever.  Instead of going "I've got a voucher for £10, what can I spend it on?" I just add it to my account so that I can spend it on something later on in the month or year.
  • I'm also saving more often too, so that instead of spending the £25 left over at the end of the month, it goes into my savings account instead.

Basically, small steps in the right direction and I'm becoming a better person because of it.  

2019 is going to be my year!

Supplements taken.  The Iron and B12 were a nightmare to get down but they are all swallowed now so I can carry on with the rest of my day.

Thanks to SCBWI and D I'm writing again!  Just need to do a minimum of 4,000 words a day and I'll still be able to complete JanNo!  Today is going to be the slowest day 'cos the first few chapters always are, but I've got 2 weeks to write 40,000 words in and it'll be finished, despite not starting (again) until today lol

Just added a multipack of J2O's to the shopping so as long as I do 4 chapters a day, I'm allowed a can to celebrate and it'll be done in 8 days too... wish me luck please?

And another dairy-free spread too, so that I can have a few slices of buttered toast occasionally.

Just finished the first chapter and I'm starting to get into it now, so I'm gonna take my prescription and hopefully write at least one more chapter before I head to bed.  

Just taken my prescription and I'll put the repeat request in on Sunday when I take the last one of the current strip which will give the doc and pharmacy 2 weeks to get it to me again which is usually plenty of time but I very much prefer to be safe than sorry - I've learnt from past mistakes with that so order when I've got 14 days left now, rather than the 7 that they say they need.

Gonna write one more chapter before I allow myself to go online before bed.  The hardest chapter is out of the way now though, so hopefully it'll be plain sailing between now and the end of January.

That's 2 chapters written so I'm not allowed a J2O tonight, but it's gonna be pretty good from now on and assuming I write 4 chapters a day I'll be finished in under 10 days time, which ain't bad going considering I didn't start writing until this afternoon!

Going to bed now - another well deserved earlyish night.

Nite nite orl!


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