Wednesday 23 January 2019

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Puppy walked and fed, teeth brushed so just need to take me supplements now.

So far this week there's 350% from Monday, 300% from yesterday and another 300% from today which is 950% in the bank after 3 days which ain't too bad.

Supplement time now though, then writing.

Blimey, they all went down incredibly easily this morning!  The Calcium had the standard 2 mouthfuls of squash (first one to swallow the crunched up pill and the second one for the crumbs), the Iron went down without me swallowing the squash at all (I put it in my mouth and by the time I'd unscrewed the squash and taken a mouthful, it was gone), the B12 was just a small mouthful and the same with the multi!

Today will be a good day!

First chapter finished in the time it usually takes me to get started!  I'm hoping the entire manuscript will be finished by about 6pm so that I can have my celebratory lasagne on the day I finish rather than the next day.

I'm 2 days ahead of schedule too!

Second chapter finito...

Half way there now.  Just completed the third chapter of the day and it's only 2.30pm!

It's taken 2 hours to write the fourth chapter, so I'd best get on with the penultimate one now if I still want my celebratory lasagne today!

Aaaaaand it's finished!!!  Exactly 40,000 words in 7 days is good going by anyone's standards I reckon!

Gonna celebrate on Facebook, check my emails and then shut down for the night.

Very much doubt that I'll fire it up again before I head to bed so I'll say nite nite to you all now with a huuuuge grin on my face.

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