Saturday 19 January 2019

Saturday 19th January 2019

17 hours for the virus scan this time!!  That's totally incrediblely speedy considering I didn't start it until almost mid-day yesterday and it was finished by 4am today!!

Gonna do the back-up now, then take the puppy out for our morning stroll then brush my teeth and take my supplements.

Do I turn my laptop off while I'm out with the pup or leave it on though?

My documents folder takes at least an hour to back up every week, so as soon as it's backed up this morning I'm gonna archive a lot of the stuff in the folder so that it hopefully won't take as long to back up next week.

I'll still keep the stuff that I regularly use in the same folder they're in atm, but the stuff I haven't even looked at since 2016 really doesn't need to be backed up each week so it'll get archived and I'll do similar housekeeping about once a year to keep my documents folder only for the regularly used documents.

I'll still have all the information just in case I need it at any point in future, but there's no point keeping it in there if it's so rarely used, needed or even looked at!

Worked out why it takes so long to back everything up - Visual Studio is installed into the documents bit instead of the programme files bit and just the programme is 2GB so it's no wonder that the folder was taking so long!

I'm gonna take the pup for her walk, brush me teeth, take the pup for her walk, spend all day writing then ask Steve to talk me through how to do it this evening now that I know what the problem was!

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She did a big smelly poo which I dutifully cleared up then we came home.

I realised last night that I hadn't included the extra percents for a few days but it's 6x300% now which is 1800% in the bank, so as long as we do at least 300% tomorrow, we'll have over 2000% in the bank again, which is awesome!

WTG pup!

Gonna go and brush me teeth then take me supplements - aim today is another 5 chapters if at all possible.

That's me teeth brushed, so it's time for me supplements then writing all day.

Supplements taken.  The Calcium crumbs were a slight PITA and the Multi took two mouthfuls of squash to get down, but other that that, it was fine and dandy.  Time to start writing now!


Two chapters written in almost 3 hours!  Half way to getting my J2O but I'm hoping to still be able to do the fifth chapter that I was doubting even an hour ago!

Third one out of the way.  Not bad going for an afternoon's work!

Fourth one of the day done and dusted.

We're having Chinese for tea so I'm gonna try and write a bit more until it's delivered then I'll scoff the chips as I write the fifth chapter of the day.

Apparently chapter 15 (the one I've just finished writing) is just over a third of the way through, which ain't bad going for 3 days (I'm considering today to be another half day 'cos I didn't get started until lunchtime today) so 6 days from today is Friday, so as long as I finish chapter 16 before I head to bed, I'm still on track for finishing on Friday early evening which ain't bad going for 10 days (including 2 half days) at 40,000 words.  Means I'll be able to have a long, hot, bubble bath in total celebration of completing two novels (90,000 words total) in 3 months!

Good going by anyone's standards!

That's today's 5 chapters written, so I'm back on track for writing 4 chapters a day for the next 6 days which will hopefully mean that I'll be finished by early evening on Friday... wish me luck that I get it done!

Goin' to bed now... nite nite orl!

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