Sunday 31 March 2019

Sunday 31st March 2019

Mornin' all

Did you all remember to spring forward this morning?

I totally forgot until I came down here lol

Gonna take me supplements, check my email then take the pup for her daily stroll now, before I forget.

That's me supplements taken.  The B12 was a bit of a PITA this morning, but other than that, all four of 'em went down OK.

Mitzi and Steve have taken their meds too, so we are all set up and ready for the day now.  Time to walk the puppy now.

I think it was 600% on the puppy's walk, but because of the cat poo in the middle of the pavement and my memory being shot to pieces thanks to the brain damage, anything after the first two or three lengths I totally forget how many percents we've done!  My Higher Powers usually step in at that point and let me know how many percents we've done and the puppy lets me know when she wants to come home... the cat poo has made it even harder this weekend though!  Tsk!

That's the puppy gone for another play-date with Steve's uncle and his family.  We cleared up the poo and put the rubbish and recycling out just now, so we can relax for the rest of the day now... I'm already missing the pup though!!  😟.  I'm sure she'll be fine and have loads of fun there but she's the heart of this house and it already feels empty without her!  😞

Yep, our little girl is definitely at the heart of this home... me an' 'im have said less than 50 (not a typo) words to each other in the 3 hours since she's been gone.  Steve's sat in his chair with his headphones on and I'm sat here reading Facebook instead of talking to each other!

And just like that the house is back to normal.  She's only a small pup but her love fills ever corner of the house and it just feels empty without her here!

She's laying on the floor, sparked out now though, so I think she had a good if tiring time, bless her little furry paws!

Just taken my prescription and finished off the box so I've got exactly 4 weeks left now and I'll be putting in my repeat prescription request in exactly 2 weeks again.

Steve's just said I had a choice for my lunch tomorrow:
  1. cheesy chips
  2. chips and chilli
  3. curry and rice
  4. chilli and rice
I chose curry and rice 'cos it's been so long since we had curry.

I'm drooling already!  lol

 Just ordered the files for my 2 Mandy sites so when I've downloaded the files, they will be adjusted and added to my homepage too.

While I'm waiting, I'm gonna have an early night so I'll say nite nite orl now!

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