Sunday 17 March 2019

Sunday 17th March 2019 part 2

We shared the rest of the bag of chips and left enough room for our chippy chips for tea.

That's 3 full weeks of Steve cooking for us every day, which is so totally awesome!  Thank you Steve!

Can someone remind me that I owe Steve a fiver for next week's shopping... it's just over the £75 budget because of the toilet rolls and sauces that needed to be added this week.  I've asked for the cashback money I've earned from Top Cashback and Quidco so as soon as that arrives in my account I'll be able to pay him back, I just want to try and avoid going overdrawn for a week again is all.  I've worked so hard to stay in credit that I don't want to go overdrawn by literally £1.67 for literally 7 days is all.

'avin' a cone of chips, ketchup and Fanta for me tea.  I'll keep me laptop switched on this time so there won't be a part 3 to this, you'll be glad to hear!  Want an earlyish night tonight 'cos I is cream crackered after my 5am wake up call a few days ago!

Back now... the chips were nice but there was waaaay too much vinegar in the ketchup.

Thankfully take-aways have gone back to being treats now instead of an every day thing.  The chips were my second take-away and Steve's third since I bribed Steve to go back to cooking rather than buying in which saves about £150-£200 a week which is 2-3 WEEKS worth of groceries and a saving of about £600 a month on that alone, before even getting started on the health benefits and everything else!

We're also mostly buying supermarket own-brand groceries instead of paying for big brand names which means we can fill up our fridge, both freezers and the cupboards every week and still being able to afford brand names for things like the pasta bake sauce and chocolate mini rolls and mustard for Steve and things like that!  We also buy toilet rolls in bulk packs of 16 twice a month which is £12 a month instead of paying double that by buying them in smaller packs every week.  Means I don't feel guilty about getting myself magasines with the shopping whenever I want to as well!

Goin' to bed now.  Think I deserve an early night.

Nite nite orl!

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