Tuesday 26 March 2019

Tuesday 26th March 2019

That's me teeth brushed and supplements taken.  ¾ of the pills caused problems... only the Multi behaved itself this morning  😔

Gonna take the puppy out for our morning stroll now then come back and that's me not being able to move for the rest of the day again then.


That's the puppy walked and fed.  600% this morning and I swear she can count 'cos she wanted to come home at 550% I said "one more up and down then we'll go home little girl" and she carried on walking just one more time then stood at the door to be let in.  She didn't do that on any other times past the door... she can count better than I can!

That's me sorted for the rest of the day now though.  My legs aren't as bad as yesterday so I won't be totally restricted to the sofa today, like I was yesterday, but there's 1500% in the bank already, after only 2 days which is great going I reckon!


Got 4 litres of squash now, which'll hopefully last me for my pill-taking (5 a day) until the weekend.

Thank you Steve!!


Just bought 2 dog seat belts for when Marie takes the pup to the vet and grooming and for Helen when she takes the pup for play dates... cost less than £6 for the pair and they'll be here tomorrow (thanks to our Prime membership), just in time for Mitzi's next play date and vet visit to check how her skin infection is doing!


Yummy scrummy in my tummy. 

Spinach and Ricotta pizza for lunch today.  Hopefully we'll have a plate/bowl of Rumbledethumps for lunch tomorrow then maybe pasta bake or something from Thursday to Saturday and a promised vegan Sunday lunch with the Quorn family roast and some much-craved-for veggies that have been promised and in the freezer for 8 days now!

Steve's not getting his Creme Egg again on Friday 'cos he had a take-away instead of something cooked here yesterday, but hopefully he'll cook both days of the weekend so that he can get his first one in 2 weeks on Sunday.

I much prefer home-cooked meals to take-aways, they are healthier and cheaper too so I'm hoping last week was just a minor blip in the cooking and we'll get back to eating home-cooked food this week.  Steve says he's into the habit and enjoys cooking for us so hopefully we'll get back to the home cooking again now.

That's me prescription taken.  The easiest to take of all 5 daily pills today... just a tiny mouthful of squash (by accident) and it went down!

Gonna head to bed now... nite nite orl!

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