Tuesday 19 March 2019

Tuesday 19th March 2019

That's the puppy walked, fed and watered.  She poo'd on her walk for the first time in 3 days, so I dutifully picked it up and the pup kept walking... we did 1100% today, so there's already 1500% in the bank after only 2 days so as long as we do at least 600% a day for the rest of the week, we'll make 4000% in the bank for the second or third week in a row!

Our little girl is 10 years old at the end of June. We rescued her 9 years ago and in those almost 9 years, I've never seen her doing the terrier pose...

... until this morning!

Not once.

Or twice.

Or even three times.

But 4 times she did the terrier pose you see on Crufts.

Front legs straight down, back legs standing back slightly, tail right out and head exactly straight up and facing forward with full concentration.

We've never taught her to do it or even taken her to any show rings, she wouldn't have even seen it on the telly because it's too high up for her to see it, it was all totally natural and instinctive to her.

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get her to move out of the terrier pose until *she* was ready each time. It was like she was hunting something that she'd got the scent of and wasn't gonna move until she got it!

Bless 'er little furry paws!


Taken me supplements, so it's time to go and brush me teeth now.


Back now!  That's me teeth brushed so the day is all mine now!

I'm exhausted already though!

Just bought Steve a pair of slippers and a pair of sandals after him complaining that he didn't have any slippers and wishing he could change footware like I can with my boots.  £50 for both of them and they'll be here tomorrow.

Having pizza for lunch again today but he won't be getting his Creme Egg this week 'cos he didn't cook for us at all yesterday.  He's expecting to get ⅘ of it on Friday, but the deal was that he has to cook every day to get it so he's not getting one on Friday, but he will on Sunday if he cooks both days of the weekend.  Harsh but fair!

Burpin' like a good'un now lol.  The pizza was yummy and the puppy helped me to finish off the crusts.

Also, someone on Freegle was looking for things to make raised planters with in their bare garden so I've just replied offering the toilets and cisterns as unique planters for them... it'd be good if they *do* want them 'cos then the only thing left to go is the pouffe!

Steve's parents said to give the doggy jumper to his cousin to maybe use at the vets or even on their own dogs... just gotta remember to ask her when she comes to pick Mitzi up tomorrow now and ask Marie to give the 2 bags of plastic bags back to the Sainsbury's driver on Monday... you watch me forget though lol

Wearing one of my freshly washed and dried cardies so I'm not feeling cold any more, especially now that Steve's put the fan on!

Prescription taken and photo taken of our sleepy senior puppy:


Steve's just made me a couple more bottles of squash, so hopefully that'll keep me going until the weekend.

The puppy wants *something* but neither of us know what it is... we've asked her if she needs a wee, or a fuss or to play but she doesn't seem to want any of it!  She's in her bed now, so maybe she was just tired?

Me phone has just completely died on me for the first time since Steve gave it to me, so it's charging up now... hope I haven't lost anything by letting it completely die!!  😱

Phone's back to being charged now so I'm gonna have an early night now.

Nite nite orl!

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