Tuesday 5 March 2019

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Brushed me teeth, walked and fed the pup so just need to take me supplements now.

We've done 1500% in only 2 days which is awesome.

I discovered last night that 1000% is NOT a kilometre 'cos I only managed 960 metres throughout the entire day so maybe 1000% is 750 metres or something?  That'll make for difficult calculations lol  I'm gonna go by the distance on the fitness tracker rather than Steve's guesstimates from now on I reckon.  Still keep counting the percents every morning, but check the fitness tracker for the actual distance.  We're at 600 metres and 1098 steps already though, and I've only been awake for an hour lol

I've never been good at maffs so this is gonna challenge me now that I've got the fitness tracker lol

That's me supplements taken too.  Not a good day for swallowing them today, unfortunately  😟

Spinach and Ricotta pizza for me lunch today.  The middle was very soggy but I'm guessing that's because of all the tomato chunk juices escaping.  Another different flavour for me to enjoy and we'll definitely be getting it again... that's 2 pizza's that I can have, and a plain (read: cheese and tomato) pizza makes 3 so it'll be a different one most weeks and if I can find a fourth vegetarian pizza on Sainsbury's it'll be a different one each week of each month.


The pup's just been out for a huuuge wee and 2 poo's!!  Steve'll have a quiet night now and hopefully she won't poo on our walk in the morning either now that she's done 3 poo's in about 9 hours!

Bless her little furry paws!

I prefer her to poo at home 'cos we clear it up once a week, as a team, using a long-handled pooper scooper (ordered this on Christmas Day 2013 and it's still going strong 5 years later!!) so that I don't have to risk losing my balance and not being able to get back up and a carrier bag on a Sunday then it goes straight into the rubbish bag ready to be collected on Monday morning.  I will pick it up if she poo's on our morning stroll 'cos I is a responsible and law-abiding owner but it sends my anxiety through the roof.

It's only 7.30pm, but I've got a theory that it takes an hour for my brain to switch off from using technology, so, by shutting down now and just watching telly for an hour to see if I fall asleep quicker when I go up to bed, so I'll say nite nite orl now!

Back again in the morning.

Nitey nite nite.

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