Saturday 2 March 2019

Saturday 2nd March 2019

Feeling so proud of myself right now.

We've just got back from the puppy's morning stroll and there weren't any cars out there to lean on if she poo'd.

We pretty much did 100% and she squatted down for a big, soft, really smelly poo right in the middle of the pavement.

Being the responsible owner that I am, I picked it up but my anxiety was through the roof.  I leaned heavily on my quad cane and took a step forward.  Didn't fall over.  The next bit is what I'm always so worried about because I have to bend right over to pick up the poo.  I did it though, without falling over.  Stumbled back to the house wall and tied a knot in the bag, put my hand through the handles and carried on walking until Mitzi wanted to come home at 450%.

I've done it once and stayed on my feet without being supported by a car, so while I'll prolly still be anxious next time, I know that I've done it at least once so hopefully next time will go equally as well!

Pasta Bake for lunch 🍴 today apparently, 'cos Steve wants "a relaxing Saturday" which is fair enough.  As long as it's cooked here and suitable for semi-vegans I don't mind what we have!

We've got pasta sauce, tinned chilli and tinned curry on Monday's grocery order so that's at least 3 different meals, then we're bound to have a pizza 🍕 each on Tuesday and hopefully jacket tatties 🥔 on Wednesday, which only leaves two more meals to find and we've got a huge freezer with food in that we haven't made even a dent in yet, so it's not like we've got no food in the house or any reasons to get take-aways, it's just Steve needing to find the motivation to cook, which he says he enjoys and he seems to be back into a routine again now, so hopefully take aways will just be a treat a couple of times a month now!

Steve's got 5.5 weeks 📆 worth of Creme Eggs 🍫 in the fridge to motivate him, just like they did during this week, but maybe cramming the whole thing in his mouth at once wasn't such a wise idea lol 😮  If he cooks today and tomorrow, he gets his second Creme Egg 🍫 of the week after we've had our lunch... assuming he's left enough room for it in his belly of course lol

Virus scan finished at about 4am so I backed everything up before I took the pup out.  Next week I need to remember to wedge the external hard drive between the two legs of the table so that the USB lead thingybob doesn't slip out and I have to start again.

Just had an alert from Equifax about my credit report.  It turns out that a company had wrong information about me a year ago, so I notified Equifax and it's just been taken off my credit report now, which will, over the coming months and years, potentially improve my credit score even more!

There are 3 credit agreements on my credit score and 2 of them are marked as settled which just leaves the mortgage to pay now which is to totally ace.  I've also saved £7 a month on my bills 'cos I thought it was £14.95 a month but that's reduced to £7.95 a month now for some bizarre reason.  I'm not complaining at all, I just don't want it to suddenly skyrocket again, unexpectedly.

Found out from Equifax that my social media profile puts me in the "High Risk" category so I went to have a look to find out why.

My Twitter account is on there that I'm going to try and remember to change the privacy settings of in a bit so that's removed, but someone has set up another, Wordpress account without my knowledge or permission!  I've just emailed the Automattic/Gravatar bods asking them to delete the account because it's not mine.

Hopefully they'll be able to do it soon because I don't like my email address being used by anyone except me!

Can't work out how to stop my Twitter account being public (my writing one isn't so there is a way to adjust your privacy or whatever, I just can't find it for some reason) so I'll just leave it be.

Just had the pasta bake and I'm feeling very sick for some reason now so either the cheese or sauce has changed it's recipe and there is more dairy in it now or something.

I've also worked out that I can pay off £2000 extra a year on the mortgage assuming the fees aren't too bad and I don't buy things we don't actually need.  I'll also have a bit of money to use for domain names and insurance for Patrick and SCBWI membership and gifts throughout the year as long as I don't spend the money just because it's in my account.

I've just got to be strict with myself for the rest of the year.  I stopped biting my nails so I can do this too.

You and me head on this year, spending addiction!!


Prescription taken... did I take my supplements this morning?  Hold on and I'll scroll up to find out... doesn't say so, so it's no wonder that I haven't felt up to much today!

Got pretty much the entire fitness tracker info in 2 spreadsheets now, so there will be 3 spreadsheets on my disability page after next week... assuming I remember to fill it all in again of course!  lol

Goin' to bed now, I think I deserve an early night and it's made me appreciate the supplements even more than I already did!


Nite nite orl!

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