Tuesday 12 March 2019

Tuesday 12th March 2019

A huuuuuuge 1100% on our morning stroll this morning, meaning there's a massive 1500% in there already this week!!  As long as we keep doing 600% every morning for the rest of the week, that's another 4000% extra done this week, just like last week.

I reckon we both deserve a long, relaxing day today, doing nothing and definitely not moving further than the bathroom for the rest of the day!

That's me teeth brushed, so time for my supplements now.

Supplements swallowed.  Another easy to swallow them morning, thankfully.

My legs are really letting me know that I pushed them too far this morning though, so the only reason I'll leave the sofa is for the bathroom and going to get my lunch.  It's physically dangerous to my health to do any more than that.

Even my arms are complaining and they were only holding on to Mitzi's lead and my quad cane so I really can't do much for the rest of the day now.

This is so me lol

Just been blue-screened!!  😲

Just checked me current account and worked out that I'll have £200 left after all my bills have come out which is just under 3 weeks groceries, so that's totally awesome and means that the majority of my next ESA payment can go into my savings instead of being spent on things I/we don't need!

The pup has got to go back to the vet on the 29th March so I'll pay for that too out of my ESA payment in 2 weeks, but hopefully that won't be as much as it was on Friday 'cos it's just for a check-up to see if the meds have worked on her skin and ear so hopefully they will give their blessing to stop her meds again and just let her fur grow back again which'll hopefully be under £50 'cos it's just for a check up and hopefully no more meds so I'll be able to put half of my ESA money into my savings when I get paid and still be able to pay for the vet visit and the rest of the third week's shopping.

Got another annual bill for £25 coming out on Friday too but I've already put that into the sums I was doing.

Hopefully there won't be any unexpected bills in April so that I can put in the whole of my second April ESA payment into my savings so that I can maybe get £300 in there at last lol

I don't mind the unexpected bills too much, but I'd love to start saving for a rainy day in case the pup needs expensive treatment as she gets older!

That's me prescription taken.  Really easily tonight!

I've asked Steve to make me some more squash before the morning, so that I can take my supplements before the pup takes me on our morning stroll.  Hoping we'll both make it to 600% again in the morning so that it's easy maths for me.

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